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Giving Up
April 25, 2010 - 9:20 pm

I've given up on keeping track of how many days you've actually been gone....I've pretty much given up on anything with can't seem to call on a regular basis, you text only when I text you. How boring. I'm having a relationship with myself, and I think I'll start to work on that more than you, obviously you are too busy for me. And I am sad.
I am so sad. I find myself trying to ocupy my mind with anything... anything to think about instead of thinking about the times when you don't call.....or write.....or acknowledge my presence what-so-ever. All I really want to do is cry....cry because I don't know why you don't acknowledge my presence, why you don't call, or write, or anything......I think of you all the time. All I ever want to do is talk with you, text you, hear your voice, chat with you, update you, but I never get to do any of that. I never get to talk to you. I don't get to do any sort of chatting with you.
It feels like you're too busy for me. It feels like you don't want me anymore. I'm just not on your mind anymore.
Where are you?

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